Pay Matters

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Pay Matters

The Art and Science of Employee Compensation

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About Pay Matters

Most organizations fail to pay their employees properly — not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t approach compensation with a plan. The compensation landscape is changing rapidly. If you don’t pay your employees what they’re worth, not only will your competitors leave you behind, but you’ll also leave yourself open to legal, social, and political backlash.

As an HR professional or manager, how do you navigate the confusing world of compensation?

Pay Matters is your go-to guide for demystifying the art and science of compensation. Step-by-step, David Weaver explains how to perform a detailed market analysis that reveals exactly how much each position in your organization should be paid. You’ll also learn how to develop a pay philosophy specifically tailored to your organization and strike the elusive balance between profit and labor costs. With precisely calibrated base salaries, rewards programs, and enticing incentives, you’ll be able to keep your best employees. 

Don’t leave salaries open to the caprices of your organization’s senior leaders. Approach them confidently with a proven methodology. After all, pay matters. 

About David Weaver

David Weaver is President of the Compensation and HR Group and is responsible for compensation consulting within the organization. Previously, David spent 20 years managing a human resources membership organization, and he also held positions with industry leaders as a corporate human resources professional.

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, David has also made his mark in academia. As adjunct faculty member for both Northeastern University and Newbury College, he taught courses in Compensation Management. Currently, he is an instructor for the certification program at the Compensation Analyst Academy.

$29.99 (free shipping in U.S.)

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